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The Story of Aralinda 
Aralinda is living in Argentina under the most horrible domestic abuse for more than 10 years. She migrated to Argentina on 1999 looking for better life opportunities; and couple year after she got married. Then, after 3 years without any notice from her, Aralinda secretly called her mother to inform she was living in captivity suffering horrible abuse by the man she married, she didn’t knew where in Argentina she was living.  She has two children from that marriage. 

Since then, her family has been trying unsuccessful to bring her back to their country Dominican Republic. From time to time when she got the opportunity, she contacted her mother, she stated that her husband was betting her frequently and sometimes up to the point of breaking her bones. The last time he beat her until he broke her teeth and leaved her unconscious with no medical attention. 

This past July 2015, her mother asked for help to the media and the press. The article could be read at  (in Spanish only). 

Finally, the Dominican Embassy in Argentina got involved and got a protection order for her. They are assisting Aralinda with the legal process to bring her with her two children to Dominican Republic. Her family needs to pay the airline tickets for Aralinda and her children. Aralinda is from a very humble family with limited economic resources at this present time. 

Aralinda’s husband has threatened her life if she tries to leave Argentina. Those who serve families and are working with domestic violence families know that a protective or restriction order do not stops the abuser. Our confidence is that Our Lord God will protect her and through people like you that supports this cause, Aralinda and her children will arrive to Dominican Republic save; to be reunited with her mother that is waiting for her with a broken heart.

How to Support

How to Support

We are asking you to support this cause, for the small amount of $1:00 Dollar to any amount you desire to make. All funding rise will be used to pay the airline tickets and to support Aralinda and her two children. Everybody involved in helping Aralinda are doing it voluntarily.

The airline tickets have to be paid at the airline as soon as possible, so they would be able to fly to Dominican Republic as soon as it is safe and they have the opportunity. We also want to help Aralinda and her two children to reestablished themselves at DR; and to receive the physical, mental and emotional health assistant they need, which could be highly costly at Dominican Republic; as well as, the financial support that they need to begin a new life on Dominican Republic. 

Thanks for supporting and sharing Back Home Cause with your families and friends. Any further questions please contact the cause organizer Josefina Santa Cruz, Director of Mujer Virtuosa Ministries, Inc. at (203) 548-0508,

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